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Our Story,

like many others,

has several starting points. It could have been when our youngest was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, the first day of many different therapies--or even when I was diagnosed with the same condition. 

But, honestly-and we didn’t realize it at the time-WearIt. most likely took the first step to becoming a brand when our youngest was in grade 5. 

He gave a presentation to his class on his invisible illness and how it affected him every day. His teacher and I were initially just impressed with his bravery giving such a personal presentation, but it quickly became much more when the kids were not only genuinely interested in how he dealt with it every day, but they were also eager to ask thoughtful questions and quick to offer their kindness and support. 

It’s been a few years since he gave that initial presentation,

and we have been lucky to find a lot of the support he needs in his education and therapy, however, the every day/all day factor of having an invisible illness always finds a way to bring new challenges. And, although it’s largely invisible to the rest of the world, it defines everything he does.


Josh’s brand may be Ehlers-Danlos and Dyspraxia,

but truthfully, the more you pay attention, the more you see that everyone has something. Everyone has something that is difficult, defines them or challenges them, but you certainly wouldn’t know that simply by looking. This is the real thought behind the logo and WearIt. We have witnessed the value in having a connection with a symbol and something tangible to represent the invisible struggles -- it’s the beginning of the path to finding confidence and value in every single stripe you have--both on the inside and the outside.

Kristy and Josh Hurley

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